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Doggy Day Care 

Whilst dogs can be left alone for up to four hours at a time in a comfortable safe environment, it's not much fun for them and is often distressing. So, when you are out at work or need to spend some time away from home, book your dog in to Paws​ and more... Doggy Da​y Care, where he or she will be treated as one of the family and enjoy a fun-filled day with walks, play, socialisation with other dogs (where appropriate) and plenty of cuddles. We can also help with care for your dog if you are a shift worker with evening and 24-hour options available.

Home from Home Boarding (short & long stay)

Rather than take your dog to kennels book him or her in with Paws and more... for a holiday all of their own. We will care for your pet as part of the family, take them out for walks, treat them as one our own, to make sure they don't miss you too much! If your dog sleeps in a crate or cage that is no problem as we can provide that at no extra charge. Please note all dogs that board with us are kept inside to sleep. While you are away enjoying yourself you can be sure that your pet will be happy in a friendly, comfortable, smoke free environment. Your dog can stay with us for a few days to a few weeks, whatever you need. If you are moving home and want your dog looked after while you move and settle in, we will take good care of your pet until you are ready to introduce them to their new home. Picking up and dropping off of your pet is also included in the price.

Puppy Day Care & Home from Home Boarding (short & long stay)

At Paws and more... we are happy to look after your puppy as soon as he/she has had their inoculations. There is no problem if your Puppy isn't yet house trained, we are puppy friendly and understand that there maybe the odd accident while your puppy is learning. Day care and home boarding are great for socialisation, reinforcing existing training, confidence building, bonding with other dog,overcoming separation anxiety, providing a second home for life and developing a strong personality.

Dog Walking 

Away from home? Paws and more... will give your canine companion a bright spot during the day, whatever the weather. Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans do. If proper exercise is provided on a daily basis it will energise their body, mind and spirit, many behaviourial problems are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. We also offer a free 'text when home' service, so you know your faithful friend is back home safe. In the darker evenings we will make sure your dog is kitted out with a high-vis coat to make sure he or she stays safe and visible while in our care.

Pet Taxi

Paws and more... can take you and your pet to the vet and collect as well in our specially kitted out van. If we take you and your pet to the vet, we don't charge for waiting Or if you need your pet to be taken anywhere else due to a house move, or to a friend or family member we will take them in comfort and a non distressing way. 

Cat Sitting - no more catteries 

Paws and more... offers an alternative to catteries with a cat sitting service for when you need to leave town or go on holiday. We will come to your home and care for your pets, a much better and cheaper alternative to a cattery. Following their routine as closely as possible, we will feed, water, exercise and administer any medication your pet needs. And most importantly, play with your pet. As well as pet care we also provide basic home care services, eg picking up post, watering plants, adjusting curtains and bringing in and putting out rubbish bins to give your home better security while you're away - all this at no extra cost. We also offer a free 'text pet update' service, so you know your faithful friend is safe and well.

Pet Photography - Paws Prints

Paws Prints is the Photography service offered by Paws and more... -view sample photos here. We can capture your pet at play, rest or just simply looking cute in a professional photograph at a fraction of prices charged by others. All photo packages offered are flexible so, whether you are looking for a photo memory for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member we can help.

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